Xiphactinus audax


Xiphactinus audax

Xiphactinus audax

These fossil Xiphactinus specimens are priced as professionally finished panel mounts rearticulated accurately as in life.

We also have some skulls available without bodies. Some of our specimens are suitable for 3D mounting. Add $110,000 for any specimen to be mounted as an original fossil three-dimensionally.

Xiphactinus audax
Xiphactinus audax and human skeleton for scale

Locality: Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas, 80 million years old

Size: 3-4.5 meters (10 to 15.5 feet)

Availability: Any of the specimens can be delivered in 3-4 months from date of acquisition


10-12 foot (3-3.65 m): $ 187,000.00

12-14 foot (3.65-4.26 m): $ 214,500.00

14-15.5 foot(4.26-4.75 m): $ 258,500.00

Panel mounted skull: $ 18,000.00

3D mounted skull: $ 32,000

Xiphactinus audax
Xiphactinus audax 3D mounted 3D skeleton cast and life restoration on exhibit in the RMDRC

Comments: We have several Xiphactinus specimens available, from about 10 to 15.5 feet (3-4.5 meters).