Tylosaurus nepaeolicus


Tylosaurus nepaeolicus "Princess Elsa"

Tylosaurus nepaeolicus Description:

An extraordinarily rare find, this is the first Tylosaurus ever discovered with skin preserved on the skull.

The specimen consists of a complete articulated and intact skull with partial skeleton, which includes three field jackets of articulated bones. These jackets contain a complete vertebral column to the proximal tail, as well as many ribs. Princess Elsa has a bite mark from a large Cretoxyrhina shark across the neural spines of 7 dorsal vertebrae. A great display specimen, showing even the largest marine predators were not completely safe in the ancient sea. Can be mounted either as-is, in situ, or with cast additions to make a complete panel mount skeleton.

Tylosaurus nepaeolicus
Patch of preserved skin and scales on the skull.

Locality: Lower Niobrara Formation, Lane Co., Kansas, 85 million years old

Size: The skull is over 1m (3.3 feet) long, with a restored complete lenth of 6m (20 feet)

Comments: First Tylosaurus ever discovered with patches of skin on the skull region!

Availability: 3-4 months from date of acquisition

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Tylosaurus nepaeolicus
Scales highlighted under blacklight.