Tylosaurus kansasensis


Tylosaurus kansasensis "Explodosaurus"

Tylosaurus kansasensis

Nearly complete skull restored and mounted in 3 dimensions with stand.

This restored and mounted mosasaur skull measures 16 inches (40cm) in length. This specimen was nearly lost to erosion, but many hours of painstaking work has resulted in an exceptional mount.

Mounted mosasaur skull
Already prepared and mounted, this specimen is ready for exhibition.

Locality: Lower Niobrara Formation, Lane Co., Kansas, 85 million years old

Size: 40cm (16 inches) long

Comments: By far the smallest Tylosaurus skull of any species that we have ever recovered and restored

Availability: Immediate delivery available

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Tylosaurus in the field
Preparing to excavate "Explodosaurus".
Nearly lost to erosion
This unique skull was nearly lost to erosion.