Toxochelys latiremis


Toxochelys latiremis

Toxochelys latiremis
Description: >Extremely rare juvenile sea turtle.

This fossil Toxochelys specimen is around 75% complete with the whole skull.

Toxochelys latiremis Skull
Toxochelys latiremis skull

Locality: Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas

Size: 31 cm (12 inch) diameter shell

Availability: Delivery 6 months from date of acquisition

Price: $ 6,000.00 as is, partially prepared on matrix

$ 15,000.00 fully prepared for study.

$ 32,000.00 fully prepared with missing elements replaced with casts.

$ 38,000.00 fully restored and mounted in 3D.

Comments: Complete skull. About 70-80% complete.