Saurodon leanus


Saurodon leanus skull "Tony"

Saurodon leanus skull

Saurodon was a rare eel-like fish reaching lengths of over 8 1/2 feet.

It posessed scissor like jaws and a peculiar spiked predentary bone. Three-dimensionally restored fish skulls are rarely offered for sale, however this fearsome specimen is an excellent candidate. The bones are undistorted and in excellent shape for mounting.

Saurodon leanus
Saurodon leanus 3D restoration on exhibit in the RMDRC

Locality: Niobrara Chalk of Logan Co., Kansas, 80 million years old

Size: 45cm (16 inches)

Availability: 2 months from date of purchase

Price: $ 11,500.00

Saurodon leanus jacket
Saurodon leanus partially prepared in jacket

Comments: This is the first 3 dimensional Saurodon skull ever offered for sale.