Pteranodon sternbergi


Pteranodon sternbergi

Pteranodon sternbergi

One of the rare legendary crested pterosaurs of the Western Interior Seaway.

Coming in at about 3 feet (1m) larger than the largest females, this moderate sized male Pteranodon will sport a distinctive crest. A panel mount is recommended to appropriately display this iconic flying reptile.

Pteranodon sternbergi chest region

Locality: Niobrara Chalk of Western Kansas

Size: 4.6 m (15 foot) wingspan

Availability: Delivery 4-6 months from date of acquisition

Price: $ 19,500.00 as is, partially prepared on matrix

$ 45,000 panel mounted

Pteranodon sternbergi in the field
Pteranodon sternbergi as it was found

Comments: 60% complete skeleton including some skull material.