Plesioplatecarpus planifrons


Plesioplatecarpus planifrons "Shredder"

Plesioplatecarpus planifrons

70% complete skeleton of Plesioplatecarpus planifrons (aka Platecarpus planifrons) with Toxochelys fossil sea turtle as stomach contents.

This fossil represents definitive evidence that this mosasaur was more than just a piscivore, as was commonly thought, but had a much wider diet among smaller vertebrates of the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway.

Locality: Lower Niobrara Formation, Gove Co., Kansas, 85 million years old

Size: 5.3m (18 feet) long

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Mosasaur excavation
Recovery of this mosasaur with intact chelonian stomach contents in Western Kansas.

Comments: This specimen was recovered with stomach contents representing a juvenile Toxochelys, and can be mounted chasing this specimen to illustrate this.