Daspletosaurus sp.


Daspletosaurus sp. "Sir William"

Daspletosaurus dentary
Relatively short "Tyrannosaurus-like" dentary

This may be a new species of Daspletosaurus.

Excavation of this very large theropod began in the fall of 2002 and continued during 2003 and 2004. We have obtained between 30-40% of the body from one end of the animal to the other, including many skull elements, scapula-coracoid, gastralia and ribs, femur, partial tibia, several vertebrae, ischium and more. The skull of this find suggests a more “Tyrannosaurus-like” animal than Daspletosaurus torosus, possibly indicating an intermediate form between D. torosus and T. rex.

Daspletosaurus tooth

Locality: Judith River Formation deposits of Montana

Size: Approximately 36 feet (10.6m) long and 10 feet (3m) high at the hips

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Daspletosaurus dorsal vertebra
Daspletosaurus dorsal vertebra

Comments: Basic preparation is finished. Restoration will commence once preparation on “Pete III" is done.

Daspletosaurus complete dorsal vertebra
Complete fossil dorsal vertebra
Recovered daspletosaur elements
Pictorial model depicting recovered fossil elements