Pachyrhizodus caninus


Pachyrhizodus caninus "Stormy"

Pachyrhizodus caninus

Nearly complete skull, pectoral fins, vertebral column and caudal fin.

Other elements possibly present. This is an uncommon large fish, measuring 8 feet (2.5m) long.

Locality: Lower Niobrara Formation, Lane Co., Kansas, 85 million years old

Size: 2.5m (8 feet) long

Availability: Delivery 4-6 months from date of acquisition

Price: $ 29,700.00 as-is

Fully prepared: $ 53,900.00

Wall mount in artificial matrix: $ 115,500.00

Comments: This specimen of Pachyrhizodus is larger than average, and is known for its prominent pair of palatine teeth. It is a contemporary of the giant predatory fish Xiphactinus audax and has been found as Xiphactinus stomach contents.