Pachycephalosaurus from Dinosaur Sanctuary


Pachycephalosaurus sp. "Sandy" SOLD


This is the only known skeleton of this species of Pachycephalosaurus.

The possibility also exists that it may be a new, transitional species. It is about 1.5 meters tall and 3 meters long, with more than 50% of the original skeleton preserved. It has many unusual and unique anatomical features, including ridged zygapophyses, spikes adorning the posterior skull region and more.

Original Pachycephalosaurus bones
Original Pachycephalosaurus bones on exhibit in the RMDRC

Locality: Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota

Size: about 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall and 3 meters (10 feet) long

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Pachycephalosaurus squamosal spikes
Squamosal spikes

Comments: This specimen also includes extensive juvenile Pachycephalosaurus or Dracorex cranial material recovered from the same site. This extremely rare material is scientifically significant, and can be used to actually test claims about pachycephalosaur ontogeny. The scientific publication of this specimen would be the first official osteology of the post-cranial skeleton of Pachycephalosaurus. Its scientific importance is unquestioned.

Pachycephalosaurus bones represented
Pictorial model depicting recovered elements

Laser scanning of a cast of the specimen was used to produce the three-dimensional digital model you can see and manipulate below. To learn more about our laser scanning services, you can visit