Ornithischian Dinosaur Teeth


Our herbivore teeth are collected from private ranches in the Judith River Formation of Montana and the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota, and range in age from 78 to 66 million years old. All are 100% authentic. Contact Mike Triebold for details.

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Ornithischian Teeth

Triceratops Teeth
Judith River Ceratopsian Teeth
Ankylosaur Teeth
Hadrosaur Teeth
Thescelosaurus Teeth

Triceratops prorsus Teeth

Large unerupted Triceratops tooth unerupted Triceratops tooth
Unerupted Triceratops prorsus tooth with partial double root, unworn with beautiful crenulated enamel.
Price $ 200.00 TC107

 flat-top Triceratops tooth large Triceratops tooth
Triceratops tooth with partial root, well-defined wear facet, and great enamel.
Price $ 80.00 TC108

pearl Triceratops tooth pearly Triceratops tooth
Triceratops shed tooth, enamel naturally weathered to a pearly patina.
Price $ 40.00 TC109

light Triceratops tooth light colored Triceratops tooth
Triceratops shed tooth, enamel naturally weathered to a light patina. Price $25.00 SOLD TC110

Triceratops tooth pair pair of Triceratops teeth
Two partial Triceratops teeth.
Price $ 25.00 TC112

Triceratops tooth lot
Huge lot of partial Triceratops teeth, nearly 5 dozen!
Price $ 60.00 TR113

Triceratops baby tooth trio three baby Triceratops teeth
Three juvenile Triceratops teeth.
Price $ 50.00 TC114

Triceratops partial tooth trio three partial Triceratops teeth
Three partial Triceratops teeth.
Price $ 20.00 TC115

Triceratops split tooth trio three split Triceratops teeth
Three split Triceratops teeth.
Price $ 25.00 TC116

Triceratops tooth Triceratops tooth
Shed Triceratops tooth with no restoration. 1.4 cm long.
Price $ 30.00 TC121
three Judithian ceratopsian teeth 3 ceratopsian teeth
Trio of Judithian ceratopsian teeth.
Price $ 30.00 JRC102

three wear-faceted Judithian ceratopsian teeth 3 wear-faceted ceratopsian teeth
Trio of wear-faceted Judithian ceratopsian teeth.
Price $ 30.00 JRC103

two root-faceted Judithian ceratopsian teeth 2 root-faceted ceratopsian teeth
Two root-faceted Judithian ceratopsian teeth.
Price $ 30.00 JRC104

two wear-faceted ceratopsian teeth 2 wear faceted ceratopsian teeth
Two wear-faceted Judithian ceratopsian teeth.
Price $ 30.00 JRC106

Ankylosaur Teeth

unrestored Ankylosaur tooth split Ankylosaur tooth
Wear-faceted moderately-sized shed ankylosaur tooth from the 75 million year old Judith River Formation of Montana.
Price $ 50.00 AN110
shed Edmontonia rusosideas tooth unrestored Edmontonia rusosideas tooth
Shed Edmontonia rusosideas tooth with no restoration. 11.3 mm.
Price $ 40.00 AN112
High-crowned Euoplocephalus tooth 14mm Euoplocephalus tooth
Beautiful high-crowned shed Euoplocephalus tooth with great detail and no restoration. 14mm.
Price $ 75.00 AN113
Rooted Euoplocephalus tooth Split Euoplocephalus tooth
Split shed ½ Euoplocephalustooth, no restoration. 17.4 mm.
Price $ 40.00 AN114
unrestored Edmontonia tooth Shed Edmontonia tooth
Edmontonia shed tooth, no restoration. 10.6 mm.
Price $ 40.00 AN115
Rare Juvenile Edmontonia tooth Juvenile Edmontonia tooth
Rare juvenile Edmontonia shed tooth. Very small! No restoration. 5mm.
Price $ 40.00 AN116

Hadrosaur Teeth

Complete Judithian hadrosaur tooth Complete Judith River Hadrosaur tooth
Complete Hadrosaur tooth from the Judith River Formation. Price $ 30.00 SOLD JRH101

Edmontosaurus tooth Hell Creek Hadrosaur tooth
Complete shed Edmontosaurus tooth from the Hell Creek Formation.
Price $ 40.00 ORN107

Thescelosaurus Teeth

Thescelosaurus tooth Hell Creek thescelosaur tooth
Shed Thescelosaurus tooth from the Hell Creek Formation. Price $40.00 SOLD ORN108