Mosasaurus sp. from Dinosaur Sanctuary


Mosasaurus sp. "Wally"

Mosasaurus Description:

This is the only Mosasaurus known from Kansas and almost certainly represents a new species.

Its sharp teeth differentiate it from its better-known contemporary, Globidens.

Mosasaurus skull
Mosasaurus skull restoration cast.

Locality: Weskan member of the Pierre Shale of Wallace County, Kansas. 80 million years

Size: Approximately 11-12 meters long (37 feet), Skull 1.2 meters

Availability: 3-6 months from acquisition

Price: $ 110,000.00 as is, partially prepared

$ 265,000.00 prepared for study

$ 295,000.00 fully restored with cast missing elements

$ 475,000.00 restored & mounted in 3D

Mosasaurus skull bite marks
Bite marks on Wally's frontals.

Comments: 50% complete including most of the skull. Available in panel or free mount.