New Judithian Ceratopsian "Ava"


New Judithian Ceratopsian "Ava"

New Judithian Ceratopsian Description:

This is a new undescribed species of ceratopsian from the Campanian stage of the Late Cretaceous.

This relatively small horn-faced herbivore’s skull measures just over a meter in length and approximately 80% of the skeleton was recovered. Portions of the skeleton of this very exciting specimen bear traces of skin impressions.

Ceratopsian skull and skeleton

Locality: Judith River formation of Montana

Size: 3.5m (11.5 feet)long, 1.3m (4.25 feet)tall

Availability: SOLD

Comments: Consultation with academic ceratopsian experts confirms the status of this specimen as a new species. Skull is prepared and molded. Skeleton is under preparation and restoration at the present time.

Recovered ceratopsian elements illustration
Illustration of recovered elements, courtesy of Scott Hartman.
Articulated ceratopsian bones in jacket
Articulated postcrania.
Fossils being prepared
Docmentation and preparation underway.
ceratopsian dentary with teeth
Dentary with complete dentition.