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Dinosaur Sanctuary’s parent company, Triebold Paleontology, Inc., is an independent company dedicated to the preservation of vertebrate fossils. We employ a full time staff engaged in preparation, restoration, molding, casting and mounting specimens. We have been performing these services for over a quarter century. Many of our specimens are the product of cooperative endeavors with prominent museums. We are in communication with paleontologists around the globe who provide us with technical guidance on each project. You can visit TPI’s Services page for an extensive description of the variety of professional paleontological services provided for over 25 years by Triebold Paleontology, Inc. If you need it excavated, documented, prepared, restored, reconstructed, molded, cast, mounted or marketed, contact us!

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Whether your institution is looking for a previously undescribed species or if you are a collector interested in acquiring a superior specimen, we can be of assistance to you. TPI provides museum quality cast skeletons for sale and rent, and has traveling exhibitions available for booking.

We proudly offer you traveling exhibitions presented by Embedded Exhibitions, LLC including “Darwin and Dinosaurs,” and of course “Savage Ancient Seas“.

TPI’s Paleo lab also occupies space in the RMDRC. Watch the progress of several unique projects in the preparation laboratory. Many of the specimens on exhibit here are the products of TPI endeavors.

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