Maiasaura "Gil"

Articulated Maiasaura tail

A large adult specimen, missing the rear legs, neck and skull. Bone quality is excellent.

The specimen is otherwise virtually complete, and during field excavation, many areas of skin impressions were discovered, with more promising to be found during preparation. The specimen is articulated. Rib cage, hips, one arm and the tail are all complete. We recommend mounting this specimen in its death pose, as the right arm is extended forward, ribs pointing up, and tail straight out. It could be mounted as-is, or the rear legs could be composited in, as could a neck and skull provided from a cast specimen for completion.

Articulated Maiasaura tail
Complete articulated Maiasaura tail.

Locality: Judith River formation of Montana.

Size: about 9 meters (30 feet) long.

Availability: Delivery 6-9 months from date of acquisition.

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Comments: This specimen is partially prepared. The natural articulation of this specimen is amazing and we intend to create an in situ mount to preserve it.