Thescelosaurus sp. "Jonathan"

Large Thescelosaurus jacket Description:

Jonathan, an extremely large Thescelosaurus, is the latest addition to the TPI fossil family. This articulated, very large ornithopod is complete except for the neck, skull and distal tail. The preservation is outstanding and this will make a spectacular addition to your fossil collection. The hand, completely articulated, is one of only two known, the other belonging to “Bert", our tiny Thescelosaurus. The feet are exquisitely preserved showing little or no signs of post-mortem transportation. It was professionally collected and is a superb skeleton. The mounted skeleton will be nearly 13 feet (4.2m) long and 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8m) tall. TPI plans to use 3-D imaging technology with rapid prototyping to recreate the skull and other missing elements of this specimen, which will be based on our other Thescelosaurus skeletons. This specimen will be prepared, restored and mounted in a 3-D pose.

Articulated Thescelosaurus caudal vertebrae
Articulated proximal caudal series.

Locality: Judith River formation of Montana

Size: Approximately 7.6 meters (25 feet) long and 3 meters (10 feet) tall at the hips

Availability: Delivery 3-6 months from date of acquisition

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Articulated Thescelosaurus foot
Articulated foot

Comments: Preparation has begun on this specimen and bone quality appears to be good promising an excellent mount when complete. Collected dental batteries appear to be intact.

Recovered thescelosaur elements
Pictorial model depicting recovered elements
Articulated Thescelosaurus foot
Articulation from the anterior dorsal region through the proximal caudal region
Cast thescelosaurus
This cast replica of Triebold Paleontology's Thescelosaurus is shown to provide an approximation of how this mounted original fossil skeleton would appear if mounted in a simlar pose.