Daspletosaurus torosus


Daspletosaurus sp. "Pete III"

Daspletosaurus cast mount
Restored and mounted skull and skeleton cast

Discovered in 2006, Pete III is one of the finest and most complete Daspletosaurus skeletons ever found.

This specimen shows substantial differences from the holotype D. torosus, and may be described as a new species. The semi-articulated skeleton includes most of the body, legs and tail, as well as extensive front limb material. Some skull is preserved, and will be restored using cast material. Preparation and restoration of the original fossil is nearly complete.

Recovered daspletosaur elements
Graphic model depicting recovered elements from the Daspletosaurus skull and skeleton

Locality: Judith River Formation deposits of Montana. 78 million years old

Size: Approximately 10.6 meters (36 feet) long and 3 meters (10 feet) high at the hips

Availability: SOLD

Daspletosaurus tail vertebrae
Caudal vertebra

Comments: Basic preparation is finished. Skeleton is estimated at 80% complete.

Daspletosaurus hand claw
Toe claw
Daspletosaurus dentary
Daspletosaurus scapula
Daspletosaurus arm
Daspletosaurus foot