Lambeosaurus or Corythosaurus


Lambeosaurus or Corythosaurus "Joyce"

Lambeosaur excavation

This specimen of Judithian hadrosaur will make for an outstanding mount.

Collected in the summer of ’07, this is an exceptional skeleton is missing most of the tail but much of the body and skull are preserved. Estimated at about 70% complete, it possesses a large, rounded crest atop the skull, and the vertebral column is articulated all through the neck and well into the dorsal series before disarticulation occurs.

Lambeosaur excavation
Lambosaurine skeleton during excavation

Locality: Judith River formation of Montana

Size: Approximately 7.6 meters (25 feet) long and 3 meters (10 feet) tall at the hips

Availability: Delivery 6-8 months from date of acquisition

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Dentary under preparation
Dentary under preparation

Comments: Preparation has begun on this specimen and bone quality appears to be good promising an excellent mount when complete. Collected dental batteries appear to be intact.

Prepared lambeosaur dentary
Dental battery preserved intact in the right dentary.