Undetermined Judithian Ceratopsian


Judithian Ceratopsian indet. "UTC"

Judithian Ceratopsian indet.

A disarticulated specimen of centrosaurine ceratopsian comprising about 30% of the skeleton and portions of the skull.

Because ceratopsians from the upper Judith River are so poorly known, it is very likely that this specimen is a new species. UTC is priced as a research specimen, no restoration will be done to the material.

Ceratopsian arm
Elements of the right arm

Locality: Judith River formation of Montana

Size: 4m (13 feet)long, 1.7m (5.5 feet)tall

Availability: 3-6 months from acquisition

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Ceratopsian maxilla
Maxilla with intact dentition

Comments: Specimen is prepared and ready for delivery.