Isolated Fossil Bones from Dinosaur Sanctuary


Our individual fossil bones are professionally collected from private property and professionally prepared and restored at our facility in Woodland Park, Colorado. In addition to the specimens shown, we have a vast inventory of bones to fit your needs, from mosasaurs and fish to dinosaurs from the Hell Creek Formation. Contact Mike Triebold for details.

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Return Policy: Specimens purchased from Dinosaur Sanctuary may be returned within 7 days of receipt if the item arrives in a condition other than as represented here. Original purchase price and shipping will be refunded. Buyer pays return shipping. PayPal payments will be refunded via PayPal. Other payment methods will be refunded via check unless another method is preferred.

Theropod Bones

Troodon Bones

Troodon claw Troodon ungual
Flawless Troodon pedal claw.Price SOLD TDN101

Dromaeosaurus Bones

Dromaeosaurus phalanx Dromaeosaurus toe bone
Nearly complete Dromaeosaurus pedal phalanx. SOLD DRO105

Ornithomimus Bones

Ornithomimus claw Ornithomimus claw
Restored foot claw.
Price $ 300.00 RAP103

Chirostenotes Bones

Chirostenotes claw Chirostenotes claw
Complete foot claw. Price $250.00 SOLD RAP104

Anzu Bones

Anzu wyliei claw Anzu claw
Partial oviraptorid claw restored to a length of 1.7" (43mm) with no paint.
Price $ 385.00 RAP105

Ornithischia indet.

Ornithopod foot claw Thescelosaur pes claw
Partial ornithopod dinosaur foot claw.
Price $ 60.00 OI02