Champsosaurus laramiensis


Champsosaurus laramiensis

Champsosaurus laramiensis

Champsosaurus is a common find as small clusters of isolated teeth, vertebrae and scutes, but rare as relatively complete skulls or skeletons.

This specimen is about 5 feet (1.6m) long, for which we have about 75% of the post-cranial and a few skull parts. Fossil is 78 million years old.

Champsosaurus Fossil
Original Fossil Material

Locality: Judith River Formation in Montana, 78 million years old

Size: 1.6m (5 feet) long

Comments: It is mostly prepared at present, and needs to be restored, reconstructed and mounted

Availability: Delivery 2-4 months from date of acquisition

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Champsosaurus scale
Champsosaurus laramiensis scale