Atractosteus sp. from Dinosaur Sanctuary


Atractosteus sp. “Val da Gar”

Val da Gar Description:

One of the rarest fossil finds in the Hell Creek Formation, this is the only complete articulated gar ever discovered from the Late Cretaceous.

A one-of-a-kind fossil, there is no other Cretaceous gar fossil like it. It is both articulated and three-dimensional. CT scans showing ribs and vertebrae in position accompany the specimen.

Gar Find
The articulated scales were just starting to weather out and develop patina when they were discovered.

Locality: Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota, 66 million years old.

Size: 1 meter (40 inches) long.

Availability: 4-6 months from date of acquisition.

Price: SOLD

Gar Jacket reinforced
The jacket was reinforced with wooden struts to prevent flexing in this delicate and important specimen.

Comments: In-jacket preparation complete (as shown). Articulation and inflation are preserved in this first-ever complete gar from the Hell Creek Fm.

Gar Jacket
Excavation of the soft, yet well consolidated sands revealed the outline of head, body and fins.