Thescelosaurus sp. "Bert"


Thescelosaurus sp. "Bert"

Thescelosaurus skull in matrix
Thescelosaurus skull in matrix.

This superb specimen will be described as a new species of Thescelosaurus.

The majority of the skeleton is present, including a near perfect skull and lower jaw. The specimen also includes the only complete, fully articulated arm and hand ever discovered for this type of dinosaur. Initial publication will be done in an academic dissertation or thesis, and some restrictions apply to public release of information about this specimen, with details available upon request. The skull is one of the best ever found and bone quality is superb. Below you can see a 3D model produced from CT scans of the original fossil skull.

Thescelosaurus bones recovered
Pictorial model depicting recovered elements.

Locality: Hell Creek formation of Montana.

Size: Less than 2 meters (6.5 feet) long and 1 meter (3.2 feet) tall at the hips

Comments: Preparation complete, restoration underway

Availability: Delivery 2-5 months from date of acquisition

Price: $ 397,500, as-is, prepared for study.

$ 434,500 as-is, prepared for study with a mounted cast.

$ 467,500 fully restored original mounted skeleton.

Thescelosaurus skull